Images from The Gordon Archive 

New York on Fire,
by Weegee and friends

 Dedicated to the memory and vision of Arthur Fellig 1899-1968
and to the tough, brave, band of men that have stood between New York and disaster for over one and a half centuries.

Creation of the Gordon Archive Index

The negatives were numbered and recorded in the exact order that they were in when received. Each negative was removed from its envelope and placed on a Knox light box. They were then photographed with an Olympus C-2500 digital camera set to full tele and macro mode at a resolution of 1700x1200 lines and saved as a lightly compressed JPEG file on a Smart Card. These were then transferred to a custom built computer based upon an Athlon 1100, running Windows 2000 Pro, using a Dane-Electro card reader. The images were then reversed, reduced to a width of 600 lines and corrected for tonality using Photo Paint 9 by Corel. They were adjusted for tonality on a Nokia 445Xi Plus 21 inch monitor. The pages were built with PageMill 3.0 from Adobe. They were then uploaded to our T1 connected, OpenBSD based server in San Francisco.


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